Who are we ?

My name is Nicolas and I have been passionate about cards since my adolescence (1994-1996) Compulsive collector on an incredible number of games, I fell into VTES at the age of 20, following the discovery of the role-playing game Vampire the Masquerade

I noticed, over time, that it was difficult to find cards, even commons. Very few sellers and considering the costs on Ebay for example, impossible to offer all the references.

The player was therefore obliged to use his network to build his decks. The collector too. So I started as a self-employed entrepreneur in 2018 on Ebay. Site that has its limits (and constraints)

The inability to sell for less than one euro is a big problem. This is why I decided to set up this store away from ebay, trying to offer as many references as possible, as well as accessories to meet the demands of players and collectors around the world.

The site is currently in its infancy. The stock will increase over time. My network is global, I can find anything.